Krishna Shrinivas
ChemE grad student, Chakraborty lab , MIT
I am interested in studying cellular and organismal biology, by leveraging ideas from theory, simulation, and informatics, in close synergy with experimentalists.
My PhD work has primarily focused on understanding the role of phase separation in gene regulation. In collaboration with the Sharp and Young labs, we have hypothesized and shown that the transcription machinery condenses into liquid-like droplets at particular genomic loci. More recently, we have begun to characterize the molecular features that lend specificity to this collective process - including aspects of the DNA (enhancer) code that drives spatio-temporally localized condensation. Along the way, I have collaborated with other lab members on problems in cell signaling, evolutionary biology , and immunology.
Apart from my technical work, I am passionate about open science and science communication. Towards this end, I collaborate with eLife Community Ambassadors and communication fellows at the MIT ChemE Comm Lab to develop resources, such as the CommKit .